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I'm an artist who loves creatures and fantasy. Sometimes I animate, as well.

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A real start?

Posted by Amaruuk - January 8th, 2011

I'll admit I hadn't really given much thought to Newgrounds since I first posted some art almost a year ago. At the time I had just realized that I wanted to be an animator, and so I changed majors and started my new journey.

I've been making a lot more art lately, too, and yesterday I uploaded a bunch of stuff; not long after I was actually scouted, which is pretty cool. I hope this year I can continue to contribute to the art portal as well as make a debut with some actual animations. I am still a bit nervous about Newgrounds but I'm looking forward to perhaps making a mark here someday. It's a good place for new animators to get out and get seen, after all!

Comments (4)

Love your artwork! Your style is awesome.

Thanks so much! :3

What kind of animations do you plan on doing?

Probably the short Flash cartoons I do in college, but since I'm leaning away from Flash in terms of an animated medium I can't really say what else will end up here on Newgrounds. All my free time is currently being spent on concept art and soon some models I'll make/rig and use in CG animation. As for 2D stuff I want to explore other software and techniques because I prefer artful, fluid, pose-to-pose animation that might better mimic traditional stuff.

Hope you do "pose-to-pose" animations too. Because characters that are puppeted tend to get really boring because it looks like a bug stuck on a window. But as much as I hate it, they do work well when there's only a talking scene. sooo... yeah...uh, good luck.

I'm not a fan of cut animation (the puppets) myself. Everything looks better drawn IMO, but it's all about time and money >.>

In all honesty I ended up choosing 3D modeling and animation as my focus in school, so there won't really be any puppet stuff. I do enjoy drawing so I may hand-draw some 2D animations if ever I get the time.

You'll do fine. I'll keep an eye out for your animations on the front page then ; )