Demo Reel!

2012-09-09 13:25:38 by Amaruuk

So, yeah, I never update this journal thing, but I figured it was time to. I'm finally graduating from college this week, so it seems fitting to share my demo reel here. I do modeling, texturing, 2D & 3D animation, rigging, compositing, and whatever other skill pies I can get my curious little fingers into. Enjoy!


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2012-09-11 21:53:05

That was BADASS
From an autodesk superuser in a non-creative environment, MAD PROPS!
Would love to take 3d to an artistic level some day.


Amaruuk responds:

Thanks! I checked out your page stuff too. Pretty sweet metal you play there, man! Love me some metal. Bonus points for the Zelda stuff X3


2012-10-02 21:20:51

OH SNAP. Those are some beastly textures you've added to that book. Overall I love how smooth the whole reel runs (Transition wise) And the adorable 2D birds in the credits! (Showing off your 2D Skills at the end is a badass idea, just so you know)

The toaster's the best part. THE BEST.
Have you considered sculpting a monster muffin for Halloween?

(Updated ) Amaruuk responds:

Its... YOU!

Also thanks :3

Also no, I got a million things I gotta do that aren't critters/characters (need more environment/prop stuff to show for possible Disney/Dreamworks internships). Plus, October has so much stuff in it event-wise, holy poptarts, Batman. Prolly wouldn't have time.


2012-12-15 15:32:57

Right nice demo reel you got thar. I trust things are looking up since you last spoke here :)


2013-02-06 17:52:39

My god, you are an amazing artist....

Amaruuk responds:

Thank you!