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New Website Launched!

Posted by Amaruuk - July 15th, 2013

Hey, ladies and dudes! Go have a looksie at my shiny new website! It's kinda the same, but totally different! Exclamation marks!

I've implemented the suggestions made by ItsTheAshtray and liljim. Thanks fellas! Proving once again that Newgrounds is the place to be if I actually have the audacity to want feedback on anything.

Comments (4)

Good stuff!

I can't help thinking that the top-level navigation should point to actual content of sorts, though. I know you cover that in the right hand side, but to give you an example of what I mean:

Click Gallery (from either index or menu bar at the top) -> you get a blurb describing what you do. My eyes were drawn to that, but then I'm finding myself having to look away to find the actual content over on the right - maybe you should bring those links that are on the right of the page into that section instead somehow? I mean the links on the right hand side are just a click to another page with anchors in it anyway.

I dunno, it just feels to me a little like an under construction page - like you're waiting to put content there, when in fact you already have content available - I'd be tempted to scrap the right hand side and put the content that's in there below your existing blurb.

Interesting point. I do see what you mean. I'll definitely consider it, thank you! The top menu does have drop-downs when you hover for all the subsections, though, but yeah, maybe the section intro pages are almost suspiciously bare.

Looks really good! I noticed one tiny thing:
When I go to a subpage, like Videos, it shows "/Videos/videosHome.html" in the url bar.
You can get rid of this by having an &quot;index.html&quot; inside of the videos folder instead of &quot;videosHome.html&quot;. To get to that page you would just link to &quot;<a href="http://www.angelarconnor.com/Videos">http://www.angelarconnor.com/Videos</a>&quot; and it should work exactly the same except the html file name and tag won't show up in the url bar. When you go to a website or folder in a site, your browser automatically looks for and opens the &quot;index.html&quot; file.
Again, that is a super tiny thing and almost no one will notice. Either way,

I wrote the whole thing myself. It didn't really dawn on me to use index pages in the subsections. Good eye, though. I may actually change that - it would be cleaner.

Fun art style, 'corundum critter' makes me smile

Aww, thanks!

Website looks awesome, excellent work!

Thank you!