Redbubble + Dinosaurs!

2014-09-10 18:55:36 by Amaruuk

Hey, ladies and dudes of NG! You are probably not aware of this, but I have a Redbubble shop where you can buy stuff. Right now I've been doing an ongoing series of portraits of prehistoric animals. I'm just going to keep going with this indefinitely, but if there's any particular species you'd like to see (anything paleo, not just dinos of course, got some mammals, crocs, marine reptiles, basal tetrapods, and more pterosaurs and synapsids in line), I'm all ears!

Here's some of what I got so far:

Tyrannosaurus DimorphodonAmargasaurus StyracosaurusLycaenops Baryonyx


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2014-09-11 12:02:59

That's brilliant!

Amaruuk responds:

Thank you!


2014-09-12 04:39:09

these are great!

Amaruuk responds:



2014-10-02 22:08:38

I really like the one with the bone face. XD