Entry #6

Patreon and more!

2015-08-19 20:11:15 by Amaruuk


So I've actually had a Patreon set up for a while, but right now especially I am pretty broke and it is time to push it. You can support my art for as little as a $1 a month pledge, and can gain perks such as sneak peeks, sketch requests, and free stuff from my Redbubble shop, with more on the way if I can get a good momentum.

Speaking of Redbubble, I have 39 Paleo Portraits up over there and counting, plus two new series. Critter Patterns are exactly what it says on the tin, patterns featuring animals/creatures and related motifs, which are also available in my new Spoonflower shop as well. CopyCroc is a miniseries of watercolor paintings of prehistoric croc species and the odd things they're named for resembling.


Parasaurolophus Secodontosaurus
Vancleavea Yutyrannus
Velociraptor Archosaurus
Ichthyostega Plateosaurus


Fancy Raptors Permian Parade
Dromie Tracks Phoenix Sun


Cat Croc Boar Croc


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2015-08-21 19:23:08

Know the feeling about being pretty broke :/ But your art is wonderful so I'm sure it will catch on :)

Amaruuk responds:

Thanks so much, dude!


2015-08-29 04:01:55

This is so slick,
Wind at your back!


2017-11-04 16:41:39

Hope everything's alright, you seemed to have dropped off your posted links/radar. Really enjoyed your work, it'd be a shame if you stopped.